Stretch Moves

Stretch Moves is a sports science based company where Injury prevention, Education & Elite Performance meet.  We specialize in restoring balance to your body, teaching you how to enhance your mobility and discover fundamental movement patterns to enhance your performance.


Youth Athletic development where guided discovery and self exploration meet to develop an young motivated Athlete. Using our style of training youth athletes within a controlled learning and teaching approach our athletes excel both on and off the field. We always teach quality of movement and understanding body control for maximal performances on the field.


Stretch Moves’ owner Jose Rodrigo Chacon  IMG_4444working with Guatemala’s Men National Soccer Team as the visit the D.C. area, during their preparation and recovery for the Central American Cup Uncaf.

With the help of Stretch Moves, Guatemala was able to reach the finals vs Costa Rica,  in L.A. resulting in a runner up 2nd place falling 2-1.

Seattle Sounders’ Marco Pappa was just recently named Latin Player of the year in MLS.

Stretch Moves works with all athletes from professional soccer players to micro-youth athletes.

Photo taken with Marco Pappa midfield, Carlos Ruiz forward, Jose Manuel Contreras midfield.



Fascial Stretch Therapy full body restorative manual stretch-mobilization technique for ultimate recovery and regeneration for all our athletes. If you are have muscle soreness, stiffness or loss of range of motion either from training, post game or end of the season; Fascial Stretch Therapy will dramatically enable your performance and mobility, for the athlete or for general mobility ease.


Fascial Stretch Therapy, Rock Tape, Corrective Exercises and NeuroKinetic Therapy is provided by appointments.


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